Kwame Nkrumah

Revolutionary Path

Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism

Class Struggle in Africa


Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare


Africa must unite

Malcolm X


Malcolm X Speaks

Angela Davis


Women, Race & Class

Amilcar Cabral

Unity & Struggle: Speeches and writing of Amilcar Cabral

Return to the source: Selected speeches of Amilcar Cabral

The Black Panthers

The Genius of Huey Newton

The Black Panthers Speak

Bobby Seale – Seize the Time 

Elaine Brown – A Taste of Power


George Jackson – Soledad Brother

George Jackson – Blood in my Eye

Eldridge Cleaver – On the Ideology of The Black Panther Party

bell hooks

Feminism is for everybody

Ain’t I a Woman

Steve Biko – I Write What I Like

Thomas Sankara Speaks

Harry Haywood – A Black Bolshevik

H Rap Brown – Die Nigger Die

Claudia Jones – An End To The Neglect of the problems of the Negro Woman

C.L.R. James – A History of Pan-African Revolt